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Our animals

Come and meet over 200 species of animals here at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens.

As well as taking part in European breeding programmes for conservation, our zoo animals also have an important role to play in educating our Animal Care and Management students at Northumberland College.


New for 2016

In 2016 we are continuing to expand, with redevelopments of old enclosures and the addition of new ones, there are lots of new animals to see and learn about. Some of our new animals include...

Common Genet

We are now home to two female genets called Savannah and Safina. Genets are pretty, cat-like animals with spotted coats. Our two came from a successful breeding programme at Beale Park. Their parents were confiscated in a welfare case when they were not kept properly by a member of the public. Beale Park took the pair in and since then they have become much happier. They gave birth last year to our two females.

Von Der Decken Hornbill's

We are very pleased to have joined the European breeding programme for Von Der Decken Hornbill's. Our pair joined us from Marwell Zoo where they have successfully bred for a number of years. Look our for male Zuri with his yellow and red beak, and female Hidayada with her black beak. In fact, Hidayada's black beak is all you will spot at the moment, she has blocked herself into the nestbox and is sitting on eggs; Zuri has to feed her through the tiny hole! When the babies are bigger, Hidayada will break open the seal and join Zuri again outside of the nest.

Rainbow Lorikeets

Look out for a new interactive exhibit later this summer - Lorikeet Lookout! We have been joined by twenty-one beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets, who are in training to be able to feed from nectar pots held by our visitors.


We have been wanting to home armadillos for some time now, so our Manager was delighted when Bristol Zoo got in touch saying they had two boys available. Come and meet Grumpy and Stinky in the Walk of Life, if you're lucky you may even see them at exercise time outside the enclosure!

We hope that you enjoy the new additions to the zoo as much as our keepers are enjoying looking after them. Our keepers spend each and every day, observing, feeding and caring for all our animals ensuring they are healthy and happy.

We have regular routine vet visits by our local vet who comes out to help the keepers deliver the best care that they can.

One of the main roles of a modern zoo is conservation, we do this by taking part in both in-situ conservation – helping animals in their own habitat and ex-situ conservation - holding animals in breeding programmes. For more information see our Conservation page.

Click here for a list of our animal species.

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