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Here at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens we have a responsibility to operate in a sustainable manner.

We achieve this by:

  • Increasing awareness of conservation, biodiversity and sustainable use issues
  • Providing habitat or aids to native species in and around the zoo
  • Encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour by visitors
  • Forging partnerships with other zoos and other bodies, which are active in areas relevant to the conservation of indigenous wildlife


There are two major types of conservation: In-situ conservation and Ex-situ conservation.

  • In-situ conservation is helping protect and save habitats around the world where animals live naturally, i.e. in their natural environment
  • Ex-situ conservation is helping the species away from its natural habitat


For more information on our in situ projects click here.


Here at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens we help by taking part in fund raising, awareness and breeding programmes of endangered species.


Breeding Programmes here at Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens:

We are very fortunate to be part of various breeding programmes. With the coordination of a Studbook Keeper we keep the following species that are part of monitored breeding programmes within Europe. These include:

  • Red Crowned Cranes
  • Ring Tailed Lemurs
  • Radiated Tortoises
  • Goeldi’s Monkey
  • Cotton Top Tamarins
  • Madagascan Teal
  • Waldrapp Ibis
  • Black and White Ruffed Lemurs
  • Red Fronted Lemurs
  • Pancake Tortoise
  • Azara’s Agouti
  • Edward’s Pheasants
  • Von Der Decken Hornbills
  • Emperor Tamarins

To download leaflets click here and here

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