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Welcome to Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens.

The zoo was officially opened in May 2011 by Adam Henderson (BBC Countryfile presenter) and it now boasts over 200 species of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish.

The zoo has held a zoo license since April 2011 and in 2012 gained Balai approval. In March 2014 Kirkley Hall Zoological Gardens was also granted full membership to BIAZA 

As well as being a public zoo on weekends and school holidays the zoo is a valuable learning environment for the Animal Management students here at the Kirkley Hall campus. In 2013 Ofsted said the zoo was an outstanding learning facility.

We have lots to see and do including:

Walk of Life – this is an indoor exhibit that houses all our reptiles, marmosets, meerkats, tamarins and other exotic mammals. We also have Tenrecs, dormice, geckos, snakes and other reptiles on show.

Wetlands – a large netted aviary holding over 20 species of wetland birds. Red crowned cranes along with ibis, teals and geese all co exist. Most birds are free flying. Try and spot our rarest addition, the Madagascan Teal.

PETALZ Barn – here is where you will get to see up close some of our furry friends. In the barn you will find our rabbits and guinea pigs. Call in and see one of our hosts to have a cuddle with one of them. Age restrictions apply. (closes 1 hour before the gates close)

South America Paddock and Walk – come and see the animals that come from South America including Cotton Top Tamarins, Capybara, Rhea and Alpaca.

Australia Enclosure – come and see our Ozzy animals - wallabies, palma wallabies and tawny frogmouths.

Aquatics Centre – We will have a new amphibian and aquatic centre holding over 100 species of fish and amphibians to spot and learn about.

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